Garnier Wrinkle Lift Anti-Ageing Cream Review

Hi Beauties,

Today i am going to share a detailed review about the ‘Garnier Wrinkle Lift Anti-Ageing Cream’ with you all.

Being a Beauty Blogger and YouTuber myself, i have a list of favourite beauty gurus who i follow and admire. I have learnt a lot from them over a period of time and I totally trust the products they recommend.

This is one such recommended product that Malvika Sitlani swears by. Give a shout out in the comments below if you love Malvika too.

So that is about why i bought this product and now lets get into the review.

I have been testing this product since few weeks now and to be honest i have nothing bad to say about it.

What brand claims about the product?

Is it right for me? If you need an everyday complete solution that targets the different signs of ageing: wrinkles, fine lines, loss of firmness, skin dryness.

How is it different? It does more than a classic anti-wrinkle cream: Garnier Wrinkle Lift Anti-ageing Cream has been designed to reduce wrinkles and put spring and vitality back into your skin, recovering lost firmness and elasticity.

How does it work? Its formula has an anti-wrinkle firming action. It contains Pro-Retinol derived from nature, a new generation of Pro-Retinol that continously releases Retinol at the core of wrinkles for an epidermal double action.

Proven Effectiveness in just 28 days:

  • Reduction of crow’s feet wrinkles by 23%
  • Reduction of forehead wrinkles by 31%
  • Reduction of under eye wrinkles by 18%

How to Use?

  1. PREPARE – Use on clean and dry skin, cleanliness is the first step to beautifying your skin.
  2. APPLY – Apply every morning and evening after cleansing with Garnier Gentle Cleansing Milk.
  3. MASSAGE – Gently massage into the skin using circular movements, moving from the inside of your face outwards, and from the base of your neck to the top.

Ingredient List:

Price: Rs. 275 for 40gms

Buy it here.

My experience with theGarnier Wrinkle Lift Anti-Ageing Cream’:

The product comes in red plastic jar with a white screw off lid. The consistency of the cream is neither too thick nor too thin. You need just a pea size amount to cover your face and neck. It spreads easily and gets absorbed quickly into the skin leaving it smooth and moisturized. I am a dry skin type and i must say it is a great moisturizer for dry skin girls. You can apply it in the day time or night time or under the makeup. It does not leave skin looking greasy or oily. The fragrance of this cream is so beautiful. It is so subtle and soothing. It lingers for sometime after you apply it and i love it.

I use this cream every morning after washing my face, I let it sink in the skin (which it does very quickly) and then carry on with rest of my makeup. After applying it, the skin feels tight and firm but it is not at all uncomfortable.

I do not have wrinkle or fine lines, so i can not comment on that. But that is not even why i got it. I bought this as a daily face moisturizer and it works pretty damn well.

To sum up, below are the pros and cons of this cream.


  • Great daily moisturizer for dry and aged skin
  • Non-oily, Non-Greasy
  • Gets absorbed quickly
  • Makes skin tight and smooth
  • Works great under makeup
  • Has a mild fragrance (i love it!)
  • Packaging is simple and sturdy
  • Little goes a long way
  • Dermatologically tested


  • Not sure if it will suit oily skin
  • Takes time to work on wrinkle and fine lines

Will i repurchase it?

Absolutely Yes! I am almost half way with my first tub and i am already thinking of ordering a back up. I think i have found my another holy grail skincare product.

Will i recommend it?

If you are in your late twenties and you have dry skin, you should definitely give this cream a shot. Not only it will prove as a great moisturizer, but it will also fight your wrinkles and fine lines (if any) in a long run. That is a Win Win..isn’t it?

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.

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Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel Review

Having dark circles is pretty common these days. For some it is a genetic thing while for others it can be due to sun damage, lack of sleep, stress, ageing, allergies or dehydration.

I have them too (not too crazy ones though) and i was on a look out for a good under eye cream which is affordable too. And just then i came across this one from Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic. I have not really used any products from this brand but this looked quite promising. After reading all those good reviews i finally decided to give it a shot.

I am using it since few days now and in this post i will share my in depth review about this product with you all.

Product Description:

I am 100% free from parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, toxic ingredients, artificial colouring and fragrances. My hydrating fusion of cucumber extracts and aloe vera gel refreshes your skin, while the exotic extracts of horsetail & green tea complemented by gotukola act as powerful antioxidant agents that firm and tighten your delicate skin. I am rich in essential oils of lavender and lemon that soothe puffy eyes and lighten the skin around the eyes and lips.


Chamaemelum Nobile Infused Water, Aloe Barbadensis Gel, Cucumis Sativus Extract, Equisetum Arvense Extract, Camellia Sinensis Extract, Lavandula Angustifolia Essential Oil, Citrus Limon Essential Oil, Centella Asiatica Oil

It does not have any parabens which is awesome.


By seeing the pictures i knew that the packaging of this product is very cute but when i saw it in person i found it even more cute. The outer cover is a cardboard box which has such gorgeous floral prints on it. The actual product comes in a pastel blue plastic tube with a white twist open cap. It has a nozzle to dispense product which i always feel is a great idea as it helps in taking out the right amount of product without any wastage.

Price: Rs. 195/- for 20g

Buy it here.

My Experience:

Product comes in a clear gel form. You need a very little amount of it. It spreads smoothly on the skin and gets absorbed easily. It does not feel oily or greasy whatsoever. It is very light weight and i have not experienced any irritation in my eyes due to this. It is a fragrance free product which is again great for people who are not too fond of scented products.

Once applied it gives a slight cooling and soothing effect. Apart from that, it also provides good hydration to the skin and leaves it soft and moisturized.

I have not noticed any drastic difference in my dark circles yet but it definitely has brightened up the under eye area a bit. I do not have any fine lines or wrinkles so cannot comment on it.

How i use it?

Morning: I apply it under my eyes in the morning after i have washed my face. I gently massage it around my eyes using my ring finger. Then i moisturize the rest of my face using my day cream. I top it up with a sunscreen and let it sit on my face for sometime and then carry on with rest of my makeup. It sits beautifully under my makeup and does make my under eyes look oily throughout the day.

Night: I also use it in the night before going to bed along with a good Moisturising night cream on my face.

Would i recommend it?

Absolutely Yes! If you want a budget-friendly eye gel then this is a great option.

I hope this review was helpful for you. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below.

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Banjara’s Multani Mitti with Papaya Face Pack Review

Did you know that Papaya does not only tastes good but it also has a lot of health and beauty benefits. If you are wondering how? Well it contains an enzyme called ‘Papain’ which helps in removing dead skin cells and it is also a rich in vitamin A, Vitamin C, Potassium, Magnesium, Pantothenic acid and also acts as a great antioxidant.

We all have been using Fuller’s earth or Multani mitti in our skin care regime since ages. What if you get Multani mitti with the benefits of Papaya? That’s exactly the product I am going to talk about today.

Banjara’s Multani mitti with papaya face pack

Product description:

Banjara’s brings to you Multani Mitti + Papaya, in its purest form taken from the palms of Mother Earth, to give you the best skin care secret in just 15 minutes, Multani Mitti clenases skin, absorbs escess oil, opens up pores while Papaya protects the skin from blemishes and pigmentation giving you clear, flawless skin.


Price: Rs. 50 for 100 gms

Packaging: The product comes in a cardboard box which contains 5 sachets with 20gms product each. I love the fact that it has multiple packets instead of one with the entire product. The claims, ingredients, directions for use, price etc. are written on the back side of the box.

My Experience with the Banjara’s Multani Mitti Papaya Face Pack:

The product is in a fine powdered form. It smells really good. As you rinse it off, your skin will feel super clean and refreshed. It does help in controlling oil (for people who have oily skin) and acne too. Regular use of this face pack can help in fading away blemishes. I have used this face pack couple of times and i did not experience any breakouts or other skin issues.

How i use it?

I mix the required quantity of powder with water or rose water to make a thin paste. Then i apply it all over my face and neck using my hands or a face pack brush. I let it dry for about 15 minutes and rinse it off.

People with dry skin can mix the powder with milk instead of water or rose water. You can also add honey as it is a great moisturizer.

Where to buy?
You can easily get it in your local cosmetic stores or buy it online here.

I hope you all liked the review.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below.

Keep loving yourself ❤



My Experience with The Face Shop Sheet Masks

I was seeing sheet masks everywhere on the internet and i finally decided to give them a try as they looked really fascinating to me. Being a working woman I get very little or no time to take care of my skin. I keep looking for skincare products that are easy to use and hassle free. So something like a sheet mask definitely is fascinating for me.

Just then, The Face Shop launched on my favourite or should i say the only site I prefer ordering my makeup from ( They were also running the offer of ‘buy 5 get 5 free’, what could be a better time. I placed an ordered immediately and chose the variants which had most number of positive reviews. They all looked very promising so I had to go for this method in order to decide.

Korean beauty rituals are known around the world as the most complete and effective ones. The Face Shop is a brand that was created in Korea in 2003 and has expanded to around 29 countries now.

The variants I bought are:

  • Pomegranate (Firming)
  • Aloe Vera (Hydrating)
  • Blueberry (Firming)
  • Lemon (Brightening)
  • Lotus (Hydrating)
  • Rice (Brightening)
  • Green Tea (Purifying)
  • White Tea (Illuminating)
  • Goji Berry (Moisturising)
  • Honey (Moisturising)

Packaging: The sheet masks come in a plastic sheet with the picture and name of the ingredient in front and all other details and instructions at the back. When you tear open the plastic sheet you get a mask made of paper kind of a material fully drenched in serum. The mask has openings for eyes, nose and mouth.

My Experience: The size of the mask was bigger for me but it wasn’t very difficult to place it correctly on the face. The fragrance of all the masks is amazing. When I applied the mask it sat on my face easily as it was wet due to the serum. I kept it on till I could feel that it had dried up. Once I removed the mask I could feel the stickiness of the serum on my face, so I massaged it till my skin soaked it completely. I could immediately feel the difference in my skin. It felt smoother, softer and hydrated.
I loved the concept of sheet masks. It is easy and hassle free. You can carry it around and can pamper your skin anytime anywhere. They worked really well for me. I can see visible changes in how my skin feels. I highly recommend them. You can choose the variant as per the purpose you want it for.
Also remember, no skin care product show desired results overnight. With continuous use one can definitely see the change.
To sum it up:

  • Hygienic packaging
  • Instant effects
  • Refreshes and hydrates the skin
  • Easy to carry around
  • Convenient and hassle free to use
  • Amazing fragrance
  • Affordable price
  • Does not contain paraben


  • Size of the mask is not perfect

Have you tried them yet? How was your experience? Let me know in the comments below.

Keep loving yourself ❤


Face Cleanup using products under Rs. 100| Himalaya Herbals

Being a working women myself I totally know how difficult it can be to take out any time to visit the salon to pamper our skin as our life is full of many other priorities and to-do lists. But our skin is not going to empathize with our situation and here comes the need of showing little love to our skin by spending just couple of minutes on it.
Here are few basic and simple steps that we can follow and keep our skin looking healthy and radiant always without paying regular visits to the salon.
Step 1: Cleansing: Wash your face thoroughly with a face wash and dry it with a towel. Avoid using hot water as it dries out skin. Then take some cleansing milk on a cotton pad and wipe your face with it. This will help in unclogging the pores.

This cleanser is creamy in consistency with a very mild fresh fragrance. It does its job well of cleansing the face and works wonders in removing the makeup. It has a moisturising effect which leaves skin soft and supple after use. It also has menthol which gives a subtle cooling effect.
Step 2: Steaming: Steam your face for around 5 minutes. This will help in further unclogging the pores, loosening the black heads and removing any trapped makeup or dirt.

Step 3: Scrubbing: This step is important as it helps in removing any dead skin from the face which makes it look dull. Scrub your face gently for 5 minutes and wash it off.

This scrub has herbal ingredients like neem and apricot. It has a white gel like consistency with tiny green and orange particles. The granules are mild which makes it suitable for acne prone skin too. I particularly like the fragrance of this scrub. It is super refreshing. You can see visible reduction in black heads with regular use.

Step 4: Face Mask: Face masks are used to moisturize, cleanse, tone and rejuvenate the skin. Use a face mask which is suitable for your skin type.

Neem is known to have anti bacterial properties. The face pack is in a green paste form. It is suitable for all skin types and works great for acne prone skin. It cleans the skin thoroughly by taking out all the dirt and impurities. It has fuller’s earth as it’s main ingredient which gives a cooling effect to the skin. The fragrance just like other products in the range is very refreshing.

Step 5: Toning: Take a small amount of toner on a cotton ball and apply it on your face. This will help in shrinking up the open pores. Also toner maintains the pH balance of the skin.

This toner is transparent and has a pleasant smell. It has moisturising properties and does not dry out the skin. It is very lightweight and works well in terms of tightening the pores and controlling oil. Also it is alcohol free.
Step 6: Moisturisation: Finally apply a hydrating moisturizer all over your face and neck.

I have not tried the moisturisers but have heard great reviews about them just like other products. Above listed are two options that you can try out from the range.

All the products listed can be bought from the links provided or from Himalaya Herbals official site .

I hope you all liked this post. Do let me know in the comments below.

PS: This is not a sponsored post.



Home Remedies to Remove Sun Tan

I had recently been on a vacation to Goa. Goa is one of my favourite holiday destination as I love beaches. But along with beaches comes sun tan and in my case the tan takes forever to fade, if I wait for it to fade on its own. So this time I decided to try out some home remedies to help me get rid of that stubborn sun tan quicker.
Below are details of some of the home remedies that have worked really well for me.

  • Lemon juice: Cut a lemon and directly rub the slice on the tanned skin. Allow it to sit for few minutes and wash it off. You can also add some honey to lemon juice and apply this mixture.
  • Bengal gram flour and turmeric: Mix a tiny amount of turmeric with two tablespoons of gram flour. Add enough milk and rose water to make this into a thick paste. Apply this mixture to the tanned areas and leave it for 15-20 minutes before taking it off.
  • Cucumber juice, lemon juice and rose water: Mix one tablespoon of each ingredient and apply it on the tanned skin generously. Wash it off in 15minutes.
  • Masoor, tomato and aloe vera: Soak one tablespoon of masoor dal in water and make it into a paste. Now add aloe vera gel and tomato paste to the tanned area. Keep it on for 30 minutes and wash it off.
  • Yogurt and tomato extract: Mix one tablespoon of both yogurt and tomato paste. Apply it on the tanned areas, leave it for 30 minutes and wash it off.
  • Potato juice and lemon juice: Mix one tablespoon of potato and lemon juice each. Apply and leave it on for 30 minutes then wash it off.
  • Sandalwood paste: Apply sandalwood paste on your face once daily and wash it off once its dry.

All the ingredients can be easily found in your kitchen. Do give these home remedies a try and let me know about your experience.


Why Exfoliating your skin is important?

What is Exfoliation?
Exfoliation is the removal of dry and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. It not only helps in many skin problems but also increases blood circulation which in turn helps in achieving healthy and glowing skin.

Benefits of Exfoliation: As we age, the process of cell regeneration slows down. Which means that the body is slower to shed cells and generate new ones. Below are some of the reasons why exfoliating your skin is important.

  1. Pigmentation: Pigmentation is the areas which look more darker as compared to rest of our skin tone. This may happen due to age, pregnancy or hormonal imbalances. Exfoliating the pigmented areas help in breaking down those cells and making them fade gradually.
  2. Dry skin: If you are someone with dry and flakey skin, exfoliation helps in getting rid of that skin and you will have new skin cells. It is important to moisturise the new skin cells post exfoliation.
  3. Clogged pores: Clogged pores are a result of dirt settling down in the pores which form white heads and black heads. This ultimately causes breakouts. Hence exfoliating skin is important to get rid of that congestion in pores.
  4. Ingrowing hair: When you get your hands or legs waxed you are pulling the hair from the root. Sometimes the hair cannot pierce through the skin and cause a red spot around the hair. This is an ingrowing hair. Exfoliating the area removes dead skin and allow the hair to break through the skin.

How to Exfoliate?

Below is step by step procedure of how you should exfoliate your skin.

Step 1: Cleanse your face using a face wash

Step 2: Scrub the area gently using a scrub (natural or artificial) in circular motion

Step 3: Wash the area using normal water

Step 4: Moisturise the area thouroughly

Best Homemade Scrubs:
For Body:

  • Coffee scrub- Ground coffee (1/4th cup) + Sugar (1/4th cup)+ extra virgin olive oil/ coconut oil ( 2 tablespoons) + Vitamin E capsules (3 nos.)
  • Lemon and Sugar scrub- Granulated sugar (1 cup) + Lemon juice (1 teaspoon) + olive oil / Almond oil (6 tablespoons)

For Face:

  • Oatmeal scrub- Ground Oatmeal (1 tablespoon) + Lemon juice (1 teaspoon) + Yogurt (2 teaspoon)
  • Baking soda scrub- Baking soda (2 to 3 tablespoons) + Water (as required)

For Lips:

  • Sugar scrub- White sugar (1 tablespoon) + Honey (just enough to make sugar sticky) or olive oil/ coconut oil

Best Affordable Scrubs available in market:

Note: Exfoliation is great but over exfoliation can be harmful. Know your skin and how much Exfoliation is required by it.

I hope this post was helpful. If you know about an amazing homemade scrub, do let me know in the comments below. I love trying out different scrubs.

Keep loving yourself !