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Ageing Gracefully: Birthday Blog

Hello Friends,

It was my birthday on the 14th. I am so thankful to God that I could sail through another year of my life. There were lots of celebrations, achievements, experiences, lessons, smiles, sorrows all through the year. I strongly believe positivity is the key. Move forward with the goods and leave behind the bads.

I have turned 28. People don’t want to age but can we stop it. No! Right? Then why not live as if you are just getting younger with age. Let it reflect through your actions and appearance both. That’s why I call it ‘ Ageing Gracefully’.

So here are the highlights of the day.

What I wore? πŸ‘—

I wore a LBD (Little black dress). We all have that perfect LBD which is a staple in almost every girl’s wardrobe. This LDB is a very special one for me as it was the first gift ever from my husband. I love it and tend to wear it more than any other dress in my wardrobe. It is a bodycon dress with a very good fitting and most comfortable fabric. I paired it black pumps and styled the look with a black and golden sling bag, a handchain and a rosegold watch. I loved how the entire essemble looked.

Makeup of the day πŸ’‹

I went for black classic smokey eyes which could go perfectly well with my outfit. Opted for a nude lipstick to go along with it. It turned out pretty well and was also less time consuming as I was already running late.

Gifts I got 😍

My husband gifted me a beautiful watch from Fossil. It has blush pink leather strap and the dial is rose gold. I absolutely loved the color combination. Also, I wanted a watch in rose gold since a long time.

My Sister sent me beautiful german silver traditional earrings. I love jewellery and I have quite a big jewellery collection. Especially earrings.

My sister in law sent me these beautiful pieces.

What I wish to achieve in next year?

  • Start my YouTube channel.
  • Learn more about Beauty, Fashion and Makeup.
  • Get more organized.
  • Eat healthy and stay fit.

Keep Loving Yourself ❀


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      My Dream Vanity !

      If you are a makeup hoarder just like me, you know the struggle that you have to go through every morning looking for things and finally you find yourself rushing to leave the house. You always dream of having enough space which can keep all the stuff organised and can save you all that time every morning. I gave it a serious thought and decided to get myself a vanity which I have always dreamt of. I decided to give myself enough time in planning it. Afterall it’s my dream vanity and I can’t miss even the smallest possible thing.

      So I have divided this post into parts to describe the most important factors that you need for your perfect vanity space.

      • Color: When I think of my dream vanity, the only colors that come to my mind are white and rose gold. I love how these two colors compliment each other and create something more than magical. I wish to have a white desk with rose gold pieces of decoration.

      • Chair: Let’s be real here girls. We all have to agree that when we begin to put on makeup, it is difficult to stop us. Especially when we have enough time in our hands. We want to look our best and in that endeavour we end up spending hours in front of the mirror. Having a comfortable chair to sit on is very important. You definitely don’t want to be uncomfortable when you are doing something that you love so much. And no one likes those back pains either. I prefer a spinning chair with adjustable height. It gives me more flexibility in order to reach out to everything that I may need during the process.

      • Mirror: Mirror is ofcourse the most important thing that you will need while doing your makeup. I love Hollywood mirrors. The LED makeup mirrors works extremely well when you need to work closely and precisely.

        • Storage: The whole idea behind having a vanity is to get organised. I would want all my makeup to be easily accessible so that I don’t mess around looking for a particular thing.

        • Lighting: Apart from makeup I am absolutely obsessed with lights. I have fairy lights put all over my house. They just create something beyond magical. Not only that, while putting makeup it is extremely important to have proper lighting so that there are no visible lines on the face and everything looks flawless.

        • Decoration: I would hang some pretty rose gold chandelier lights. Also rose gold baskets which would look beautiful sitting on top of the white desk. These baskets can also store makeup items that are most frequently used. Few pretty photo frames would add up in making it more personal. I also love wall stickers like the ones you can see in below pictures. I browsed through Arhaus website and they have some really good chandeliers, pendant lights and lamps. Go check out yourself!

              I hope you all liked this post and it gave you some ideas on how you can design your vanity. Get going girls!


              Picture Source: Pinterest | Arhaus website

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              🌟 New Tattoo πŸŒŸ

              Hello Beauties,

              I got a new tattoo 😍😍😍

              So i had got a tattoo when tattoos were not a big thing here where I live. It was my first one. I had absolutely no plan in my mind. I went to the tattoo artist and browsed through some designs and finalised one. It was a pretty fairy sitting with her head down and her wings so colourful and beautiful. I had instantly fallen in love with that design. And I had a lot of expectations from the tattoo artist now. I don’t want to blame him but it didn’t turn out to be the way I had imagined. Tattoos definitely are an expensive affair and also so much pain that you go through. I finally decided to keep it the way it was.

              Years after that day, I still couldn’t accept that tattoo to be on my body for all my life. So I finally thought of getting it covered up. Without any second thought i went to the tattoo artist who had done my second tattoo (and it is beautiful). We discussed on the designs which will best cover my tattoo up. We agreed on roses. It took him close to 7 hours to complete the tattoo. It pained just how it usually does for any tattoo. But the pain was definitely worth it. The results blew away my mind. I can’t thank the tattoo artist enough for the job that he has done. I have started to love my tattoo once again. And here’s a before after picture for you all. Let me know your views about it in the comments section below.

              Also I would like to give few suggestions here that I have learned from my experience. It might help all you tattoo lovers just like me and specially those who are planning to get one soon.

              • Do not hurry. Always take time to choose the design and choose wisely. Tattoo is something you will have on your body for life. Unless ofcourse if you plan to get it removed.
              • Research your Artist. Be very careful about who you are trusting your body with. Choose an artist atleast a week in advance and take time to read about him or see his work on his website, instagram or Facebook page.
              • Do not do it on the cheap. You are altering your body for life and that’s definitely worth an investment. It’s better than going for a cheap one and regret later.
              • Do not stress. We all have heard stories about people panicking or even fainting while getting their first tattoo. Do not let all that bother you. It is always a good idea to take someone along with you to talk to during the entire process.
              • After care. Follow the directions given by the artist about the after care of your tattoo. It is the healing phase and healing skin definitely needs care.

              Make it a memorable experience. Have fun!😊


              🌟 100 Followers πŸŒŸ

              A big thank you to all who follow me. You all motivate me each day to do better. I have finally achieved my first goal.

              Though i have learnt a lot of things over this period of few months, the most important of all is :

              To climb steep hills, requires slow pace at first. -William Shakespeare

              Hoping for much more love and support in future!