Indian wear at work: Tips and Tricks

I am a working professional and when it comes to deciding clothes for work I always have a tough time deciding what would look work appropriate. When we think about Indian clothes, they are usually more on the heavier side of embellishments and Color. It leaves us wondering whether it would suit the muted office environment. Styling a cloth in right way makes all the difference. So why should we leave the Indian wear aside.

Here I have listed few tips and tricks that will help all of us while deciding Indian wear for work.

  1. Right fabric: While deciding on fabric keep in mind the long hours that you would be spending at office and you definitely don’t want to be uncomfortable whole day. Though the fabrics like brocade and silk look absolutely beautiful but let’s keep them for other occasions. Choose fabrics which are light and easy like cotton and jute silk. They are comfortable and they look classy. Win win!
  2. Minimalist jewellery: If you are someone who loves Indian jewellery I feel you girls. We all know how a statement piece of jewellery can jazz up an outfit instantly. But at work, avoid jewellery that grabs a lot of attention. Stick to minimum jewellery like small earrings or studs and simple watch. Remember, elegance is in simplicity.
  3. Choose the right color: Go for colors that do not look too overboard and flashy. Nuetral colors are what you should reach out to.

Here are some options that you can go for. These will make you look work appropriate and trendy at the same time.

    • Straight kurti with pants
    • A-line kurti with leggings
    • Short kurti with pants
    • Long kurti with Palazzo
    • Short Kurti with dhoti pants
    • Fusion wear like short kurti with jeans.
    • A cotton or chiffon saree.

    Keep it simple and stylish!




    8 Types of Footwear every girl must own!

    Give a Woman right shoes and she will conquer the world! – Marilyn Monroe

    In today’s time where women walks hand in hand with men, we are always on a run for something or the other. Shoes definitely play a very important part. They need to be very comfortable yet stylish. Because no compromise on style.. what say ladies?

    So, Here i have collated 8 types of footwear that every woman should own.

    1. Flat Sandals: A pair of flat sandals is a must have in your shoe collection. Whether it is just another casual day of running around or a brunch with friends, flat sandals could be the most comfortable choice. And they also come in so many different styles. So choose what suits your style.
    2. Pumps: A pair of Black and a Nude pumps in your shoe rack and you are sorted for all those movie and dinner dates. They go really well with a formal attire too. Win win!
    3. Sneakers: Sneakers are a major trend these days. They can be paired with almost everything and are super comfortable and stylish.
    4. Ballet flats: Ballet flats are comfortable yet very chic. You can wear them from work to party. Just anywhere. They can be teamed up with denims, dresses, skirts, shorts. Play around with a variety of colors and textures.
    5. Wedged Heels: For all those short girls out there, wedged heels is a very smart choice. It makes you look tall without being uncomfortable like the spiked heels.
    6. Metallic sandals: A pair of metallic sandals is definitely a great pick. You don’t have to think a lot when pairing a gold or a silver metallic sandal as they go with almost every color outfit. For all my Indian friends, this is absolutely a must have. We all know what part gold and silver color play when it comes to Indian ethnic clothes.
    7. Sports shoes: For all my fitness freak friends out there, i need not tell how important sports shoes are in our collection. They can also be styled for a casual look with your favourite denim and a basic tee.
    8. Boots: And last but not the least, a pair of boots. It can be leather ones or suede, thigh high or ankle length, combat or with a little heel. They look effortlessly chic and stylish. Also, they keep you warm during winters.

    I am an absolute shoe lover. Do give a shoutout in the comments below, if you are also my kind of crazy 😊

    Keep loving yourself ❤



    Picture Source: Pinterest