Zara Joyful Tuberose Eau De Toilette Review

Recently I went to Zara store as I was looking for some good high waist denims and just what happens with most of us, I spent quite some time trying out denims and lastly ended up buying something completely different.

I love to wear perfumes and as soon as I saw the fragrance counter at Zara I couldn’t stop myself and tried every fragrance available. And one fragrance that made me instantly fall in love was this one called ‘Joyful Tuberose’.

Want to know what made me like it so much? Then keep on reading 😊

Price: Rs. 990 for 100ml. There is a 30ml bottle available too which costs Rs. 590. But I of course had to pick the bigger bottle.

Product Description:

Joyful Tuberose by Zara is a Floral fruity fragrance for women. Top notes are black currant, grapefruit, lemon and orange; middle notes are apple, cedar and gardenia; base notes are musk, sandalwood, coumarin and vanilla.


This perfume comes in a blush pink cardboard box. The bottle is square shaped and opaque. It is of the same color as the outer box. The font on it is silver color. The whole packaging is very beautiful and feminine. Trust me I was sold the moment I saw the bottle itself.

The bottle isn’t too bulky and can be carried around easily but I prefer to fill some perfume in an atomiser and carry in my bag so that I can easily reapply it on the go.

That’s how an atomizer looks. You can find it online very easily.


The fragrance is fresh and floral. Not those cheap floral scents but a very nice floral scent which is very subtle and feminine.

I fell in love when I first sniffed it and knew at that very moment that I have found my new everyday fragrance.

It is a perfect day time fragrance and I am already wearing it to work every day and loving it.

Staying power:

It says fresh for first 2 to 3 hours and then settles down to very subtle scent which lingers on the clothes for whole day. You may reapply it at this point to make it smell fresh and bright again.

Few tips that I follow to make my perfume last longer:

  • Always apply perfume on moisturised skin as that way your skin will hold the fragrance longer than if you apply it on dry skin.
  • Apply perfume on your pulse points and warm areas on your body.
  • I always carry my perfume in an atomizer for quick touch ups through the day. You can also use cotton swabs dipped in your perfume and carry it in a zip lock bags.
  • If you want your hair smelling great all day, spray some perfume on your hair brush before using it. Do not spray perfume directly on the hair as it may dry out the hair.

Would I repurchase/recommend it?

Yes to both.

Infact I have already suggested it to a lot of my girl friends and guys too if they want to gift it to their special women.

I hope you liked this review. What’s your favourite perfume? Let me know in the comments below. I might want to try them. Perfume obsession you see *wink*

Until next time, Keep Loving Yourself!

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