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Quick and Easy Smokey Eyes!

I recently created this quick and easy Smokey eyes and loved how it turned out. It is so time saving and I have used minimum products to create it. It is very wearable and easy to achieve for beginners and also those who are afraid of looking like a panda at the end of it.

Let’s jump straight into the products I used to create it followed by the process.

Products i used:

  1. A creamy black Kohl pencil (Nykaa EyemBLACK Kohl pencil)
  2. A smudge brush and a blending brush
  3. A brown and a matte black eyeshadow
  4. A Mascara (Maybelline New York Falsies Push up Drama Mascara)

Prep: I started with applying some concealer to my eyelids and then set it with a compact powder. My eyelids are very oily and it’s always a good idea to have a base for your eyeshadows. It helps in cancelling out any pigmentation on the eyelids and makes the eyeshadow colors pop more. The shadows will also last longer.


  1. Optional Step: I started off with blending some brown eyeshadow in my crease using a blending brush. This will give some depth to the eyes and also serve as a guideline while placing/smudging black color.
  2. Now draw a thick line across your upper lid using the Kohl pencil, very close to your lash line. You don’t need to be very neat with it.
  3. Take a smudge brush and smudge the Kohl. Be quick after the second step as you don’t want the Kohl to dry, which will make the blending difficult. Blend in a way that you don’t have any harsh edges. Specially for people who are not following the first step. You might lose the intensity of the black Kohl but do not worry, we will take care of it.
  4. Now pat on some matte black eyeshadow onto your lid on the top of the smudged Kohl.
  5. Take the same smudge brush with very little black eyeshadow and smudge it in your lower lash line to balance out the eye look.
  6. Give your lashes a thick coat of mascara and that completes your look.

Additional Steps:

  • Groom your brows before you move on to eye makeup as a messy eyebrow is not very pleasing. Isn’t it?
  • You can add a shimmery shade in the inner corner of your eyes to brighten up the look.
  • Also you can use a Highlighting shade on your brow bone.

      That’s how easy it is. I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial. Give a shoutout in the comments below if you did.

      Keep Loving Yourself ❤



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