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Super Affordable: Blue Heaven Sketch Eyeliner Review

Hello Beauties,

I am always on a hunt for good eyeliners and kohls. I can never have enough of them. I keep testing different available options and the ones I like take a place in my vanity for ever. By now, I have a bunch of them which have become permanent in my makeup collection. I know many of you can relate to me 😉

Once while browsing I stumbled upon this eyeliner. After i read so many good reviews about it, I instantly decided to give it a try. The day I got this delivered and I swatched it on my hand, I was blown away. The pigmentation guys! It is more than amazing. Intense black and semi matte. Just how i like it.

Blue Heaven is an Indian brand which is in the market since a very long time. But recently they have amped up their collection and introduced a lot of interesting products and all of them at super affordable prices.

Price: 205 Rs. for 1 ml

Shelf Life: 2.5 years


Packaging: It come in a green cardboard packaging with all of the details about the product written at the back side. The product comes in a pen form. The body of the pen is black with a click shut cap which protects any leakages or drying up of the product.

My Experience: The pen is long enough to provide an easy grip while working with it. Tip of the pen is thin and flexible depending upon the pressure applied. You can easily apply a very thin line or a bold winged liner without putting in lot of efforts, which makes it ideal for beginners. The pigmentation is excellent. It is jet black with semi matte finish. It provides a very smooth application and dries very quickly on the eyes. It is smudgeproof and waterproof. I have slightly hooded eyes and also oily eyelids and it just does not get transferred on my eyelids which is a great thing. I wear it to work and everytime it looked freshly applied even at the end of the day.

I did not really find any con about this product.

I cent percent recommend this eyeliner to those who prefer pen style liner and also to beginners. This is an amazing and super affordable option.

You can buy it from There are always amazing discounts on Nykaa and you can get this for even less price 😁

If you have already tried this, do let me know your thoughts about it in the comments section below.

Keep Loving Yourself ❤


PC: My loving husband- Sanket Naik.

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