My Eyebrow Routine

Hello Beauties,

I cannot emphasize enough on how important it is to groom your eyebrows. Not only it frames your face but also makes your makeup look more put together.

For ages people didn’t even realize it was a thing you were even supposed to ‘do’. And some people still are living in that age. After Benefits and Anatasia Beverly Hills revolutionised the eyebrow game all together, the market was flooded with eyebrow products from different small and big brands. (You can read about type of Eyebrow products in my recent post here)

Today I would be sharing with you my Eyebrow routine or how I groom my eyebrows. But even before you go closer to your eyebrows, it is very important to understand the shape of eyebrows that will compliment your face. Eyebrows influence your overall look more than you might think.

Your eyebrow should start at the edge of your nose, your arch should sit in line with the middle of your eye and the tail of your brow with the end of your eye.

So now let’s get into what we are really here for.

  1. Brush: First step is brushing your eyebrows. You can either use a spoolie or a clean mascara wand for this. Brush all your eyebrow hair upwards which will help you see the gaps in the eyebrows that need to be filled. I use my eyebrow brush by Vega.
  2. Line: Now start lining your eyebrows along their natural shape. Avoid stark lines. Instead use light feathery strokes to ensure they look more natural than made up. I use my Maybelline New York Fashion Brow Cream Pencil in the shade ‘Grey’.
  3. Fill: The best way to fill in those gaps in the eyebrows is by using a brow powder. Apply powder using an angled brush. Make sure you do not go overboard with the powder as it can make the brows look really unnatural. I use my Miss Claire Eyebrow Powder Cake. You can also use any brown eyeshadow and it works just as good.
  4. Set: For the finishing step, go over your brows with an eyebrow gel or wax to set it in place. I use my Maybelline New York Fashion Brow Pomade Crayon in the shade ‘Deep Brown’.

And that’s how my groomed eyebrows look.

    Hope you found this post helpful. Let me know what are your favourite eyebrow products in the comments below.

    Keep Loving Yourself ❤


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