Back to School: Commonly Used Makeup Terms Explained!

Hello Beauties,

With new makeup trends popping in everyday, it is very difficult to keep up to all of them. While we love some of them with all our hearts and use them in our daily lives. Some others are just good to add to the dictionary for we makeup addicts.

Let me take you all back to the (beauty) school and together we will try to understand some commonly used makeup terms. So here we go…

  • Contouring & Highlighting: It is a technique to create an illusion of a shape by using darker and lighter colors. The most simple way to do it is by using a dark color cream or powder product on the hollows of the cheeks and using the lighter shade on the highest points of the face to bring them forward. One can contour and make the face or nose look slimmer. Forehead can be contoured to look smaller.
  • Baking: A method of applying translucent powder to areas on the face. This creates a barrier between skin and air. It makes the body heat to melt the product, giving a flawless finish. This process is mostly used for setting under eyes concealer.
  • Strobing: It is a step ahead of highlighting. Strobing is using illuminating products on the highest points of the face where light hits the face. Areas like Cheek bones, bridge of the nose, brow bone and centre of the forehead. The difference between Highlighting and strobing is that highlighting is that highlighting goes hand in hand with contouring however strobing can be done just by itself.
  • Tightline: It is a technique to line the inner rims of the eyes to define the lash line and make the eyes look brighter.
  • Waterline: The lower part of the inner eyelid which is wet and leads to the tear duct is called Waterline. The waterline is usually lined with dark color to make eyes pop and with white or flesh color to make eyes look more awake.
  • Stippling: It is a technique to apply liquid foundation in dotting motion to achieve an airbrushed finish. A stippling brush is used for this process.
  • Overline: The process of lining the lips slightly outside the natural lip line to achieve a more fuller lip is called overlining.
  • Cut crease: Technique in which the crease above the eyelid is cut using a contrasting eyeshadow to give depth and definition to the eyes.
  • Camouflage: A technique specially designed to hide skin imperfections. Products used are highly pigmented creams which can cover the imperfections completely.

As we move forward in time there would be several other words that would be introduced in the makeup world. Let’s keep ourselves updated.

Hope you all liked this post and it helped you in some way. Feel free to add terms that I might have missed, in the comments section below.

Keep Loving Yourself ❤



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