Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner Review

Hello Beauties,

Today I am going to talk about my current favourite liquid eyeliner that is ‘Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner in the shade Black’. Until recently I was using the Lakme Insta liquid eyeliner. And I ran out of it. Not that I did not like it. But I just wanted to try something new just in case I find something really good and comparable to the Lakme one. My hunt began and I looked around everywhere in internet for a good liquid eyeliner and also affordable just like the Lakme one. And my search ended with this one as this was raved about everywhere on YouTube and many blogs too.

So I hope you like this review and this helps you in anyway.

Product Description:

“Coloressence Supreme Eyeliner is a state of the art eyeliner with a unique fast dry formula that has a smooth flow and apt application which is water resistant & lasts all day without smudging or flaking”

Ingredients: Active ingredients: PVPK-30, Glycerin

Price: Rs. 150 for 6ml

Shelf Life: 36 Months


The product comes in a black plastic bottle with a long silver cap. The liner wand is attached to the cap. It has a twist up closure which is tight and makes it leakproof. All in all I really liked the packaging as it looks elegant and cute. It is very easy to carry around as it is not bulky and is small in size.


The consistency is runny liquid. The color is absolutely dark black. It doesn’t set to completely matte finish. It is a bit glossy but not extremely glossy and I like such finishes. It has no scent whatsoever.

My Experience:

I am an eyeliner person. I use it almost everyday. I have tried so many different brands and if given a choice to pick the best and affordable option, this would definitely be on top in my list. The brush is thin and picks up the right amount of product. Due to the long cap the grip is very convenient and it gives a good control during application. The colour is pitch black and it glides smoothly on the eyelids. It dries up very quickly. I have oily eyelids. I have worn it to office and it stayed on my eyes for all day without smudging. I use an oil based makeup remover to take it off. It isn’t waterproof but I am happy with it’s longevity.

I surely recommend this eyeliner to all those who are looking for an affordable and long lasting black liquid eyeliner.

If you have used this eyeliner too, do share your experience with me.

You can buy it here.

Keep loving yourself ❤


PC: My super talented Husband- Sanket Naik.


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