Lacto Calamine Lotion- Uses & How it has changed my makeup game?

Hello Beauties,

I am back once again with a product review. This time it is something that i have been loving for years and i swear by this. This is something people have been using and trusting through generations. I am sure my friends from India can relate to what i am saying !

Lacto Calamine Lotion: It comes in two variants for ‘combination to normal skin’ and ‘oily to normal skin’. I personally like the one meant for ‘oily to combination skin’. No, I do not have an oily skin but i still prefer to use it. You would get to know the reason in a while. So keep reading 😊

This is a peach color lotion. The consistency is in between cream and liquid. Just the right amount of thickness. It blends into the skin easily and leaves it soft and supple. The smell is very unique but pleasant.

The lotion contains all products which are known to nourish and protect skin. See it to believe it.

Price: 30ml for 60Rs. It is also available in 60ml and 120ml.

It is known for its moisturising properties. But there are different other ways this can be used and it works wonders.

  • Daily Moisturiser: Presence of kaolin and glycerin together helps in controlling the oil secretion from the skin. It makes the skin look matte. Which is great for oily skin. Whereas kaolin and aloe Vera makes it very effective for dry skin.It hydrates and moisturises the skin.
  • Sunburn: It is very effective for skin that is prone to sunburn as the kaolin present in it helps in aiding and healing sunburn.
  • Sunscreen: Presence of zinc oxide and carbonates in the lotion helps in fighting against harmful sun rays.
  • Uneven skin tone: This lotion when used on daily basis can help in providing even skin tone.
  • Acne scars: This lotion can also help in reducing acne scars over a period of time.
  • Light coverage: Since the lotion is slightly tinted, it provides light coverage to the skin. It instantly makes the skin look fresh. So you know what to reach out to on a lazy day.
  • Antiseptic: This lotion is enriched with antiseptic properties and can be used on minor cuts and burns.
  • Primer: This acts as an excellent base for makeup. Since it contains glycerin, it helps makeup to stick on to the skin and makes it last all day. That is the reason i use an oily to normal skin variant. Though it controls oil but at the same time doesn’t make my skin feel dry at all. I can’t emphasise more on how i love this lotion as a primer. I have never bought a primer for myself ever since i have started using it. and the best part is that it is extremely affordable.

Con: I feel the packaging could be bit better as it has a wide mouth which makes it difficult to take out just the right amount of product.

Also, I would suggest people with sensitive skin to try it before buying.

    If you have ever tried this lotion do share your experience with me.

    For people who would like to try it, you can buy it from here.

    Keep loving yourself ❤




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